VII International Congress on Migration & Mental Health

Brussels 2018



Deadlines :

Working day with MEP

Friday 19th October 2018

Register until

30 September

During this working day, hosted by MEP Philippe Lamberts, youth and represented organisations will meet Members of the European Parliament (MEP) active in the Migration Commission. We will have the opportunity to present some results of our works, our projects, and express our expectations in terms of legislation at European level.

To make this day a success, it is necessary to register.

Welcome in the municipality

Friday 19th Ocotber 2018


Register until

30 september

On Friday evening, authorities of the City of Brussels will officially welcome us at the town hall for an opening reception of the Congress. Young people will present the works they will have implemented during the year.

All participants to the Congress are welcome!

Registration is free but compulsory. After your registration, you will receive your personal invitation by mail.

VII International Congress on Migration & Mental Health

Saturday 20th October 2018

8h30 - 18h30

Rue des Ursulines 4, 1000 Bruxelles

Register until
30th september

Call for paper untill 
31 July

Familles du Monde asbl & The Athena Network have the pleasure to invite you to the VII Congress. The Congress is open to anyone who has a special interest helping or researching in the field.


The congress is a non-profit initiative. The registration fee for all participants will be a symbolic contribution of 10,00 EUR per person in order to cover basic expenses. This includes coffee break, physical programme and certificate of attendance.

Registration is compulsory. There is a limited number of attendance.


Lunch is not included in the registration fee.

A special lunch menu will be offered during the congress at an additional low cost (10,00 EUR). For a better organisation, we need to know in advance, the number of people who would like to enjoy the congress menu.


Fees for registration and lunch will be drawn on the Familles du Monde account as soon as possible.


Participation in the congress is open to professors, researchers and all those working in the social sector, public as well as private, specialized in supporting migrants.

 ← If you are interested, you can apply here.


8:30 Registration Opens

9:00 Welcoming speeches: 

     Noemí Alcalá, Xochicuicatl, Latin American Women Association, Berlin (Germany)
     Leticia Reyes, Familles du Monde, Brussels (Belgium)
     Philippe Lamberts, MEP, European Parliament
     Michel Franceus, Mouscron (Belgium)
     Mohamed Ouriaghli, Brussels (Belgium)

9:30 Inauguration lecture:

Prof. Joseba Achotegui (University of Barcelona, Spain): 'Migrating in the 21st century: the Immigrant Syndrome with chronic and multiple stress - The Ulysses Syndrome'


10:00 SESSION 1 Stressors, social factors and mental health in current migration

PhD Iciar Villacieros (Pontifical University of Comillas, Madrid, Spain): 'The impact of acculturative stress on the well-being of youth migrants and family coping mechanics used to face it'

M.Sc. Leticia Reyes Sánchez (Familles du Monde, Belgium): 'Psychosocial stressors in youth and childhood in the migration'

M.Sc. Lucía Ferri Tórtola (University of ValenciaValencia, Spain): 'A cross-cultural Approach to Migrants’ Healthcare in Valencia (Spain)'

Prof. Luca Pandolfi (Pontifical Urbaniana University, Roma, Italy)

Maria Elena Ferrer Harrington (Humanamente, New York, USA): 'Living in the ICE Age: the Effect of Hostile Immigration Policies on America's Mental Health'

Deédeni Devos Reyes (Familles du Monde, Belgium): 'Youth initiative: Ulysses in the construction of Inclusive Youth (Europe & South Countries)'

PhD Mary Lou de Leon Siantz (RN FAAN, University of California Davis(USA)): 'Mixed Methodological Approaches in the Study of Immigrant Mexican Youth' 

Psy. Maylet A. Osorio (Familles du Monde, Antwerp, Belgium)

Dr. Dori Espeso (IAS Girona, University of Barcelona, Spain)

PhD Nancy Liscano (Director, VOADES - Telefono de la Esperanza, London, UK): 'Mental Health of Latin-American Families, reunited in London (UK)'

Kaat Van Acker (Odisee university college, Belgium): 'Resilience in refugee families: the case of Afghan, Iraquian and Syrian refugee families in Belgium'

PhD student Eva Raynal (Comparative Literature, Aix-Marseille University (CIELAM), France): 'Post-traumatic disorders and comparative literature'

Psy. Noemi Alcalá (Xochicuicatl, Berlin, Germany): 'Lost in Integration'

PhD student Sabine Gamba (Comparative Literature, Aix-Marseille University (CIELAM), France): 'The scream of exile in theatrical territory

PhD student Sarah Voke (Comparative Literature, Aix-Marseille University (CIELAM), France): 'The Image of Wounded Exiled Bodies in Meena Alexander, Seher Cakir & Amina Saïd's Poetry'

Dr. Silvia Peñas Martin, (Deusto UniversityBilbo, Spain; Egintza Association): 'Migrant reunited families with minors with a backpack full of deprotection, negligence and other miseries…'


11:30 Coffee break


12:00 SESSION 2 Diagnosis and Psychological intervention in current migration

Dr. Nelida Tanaka (Yotsuya Yui Clinic, Japan): 'Disproportionality of minority children in special education classrooms - the situation in Japan'
PhD Maria José Rebelo (Madrid, Spain): 'Society's hostility, anger, mistrust towards refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants: spiral of negative feelings and behaviours'

Psy. Ismat Chowdhrie et al. (Centre for Mental Health CGG, Belgium): 'The accompaniment of unaccompanied minors in the context on migration'

Psy. Leticia Marín (Association S.A.L., Rome, Italy): 'Questionnaire on stress in the migratory process (MP-MPSQ): cognitive schemas in migrants and their perception of stress in each grief of the Ulysses Syndrome'

Psy. Karima El Azouzi (Mechelen, Belgium)

PhD student Camylla Lima de Medeiros (Comparative Literature, Aix-Marseille University (CIELAM), France): 'The writing of the invisible : from literary research to writing workshops'

Prof. Agata Vitale (Bath Spa University, UK), Judy Ryde (Trauma Foundation South West): 'Promoting the mental health of refugee women with HIV'

Psy. Marta Figueras (University of Barcelona, Spain): 'Quality of life, psychological symptoms and disease perception in immigrant mental health patients'

Prof. José López Rodas (Universidad Honorio Delgado, Peru): ''

Dr. Geertrui Serneels (Solentra, vzw, Belgium): 'Psychiatry Assisting the Cultural Diverse Community in Creating Healing Ties'

Lic. Fethia Aïad (ULB, Belgium) : 'Should families with an immigrant background in Belgium abandon their linguistic heritage to ensure better care for their child with autism?'

M.C. Psy. Hamilton B. Lizcano Parra (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia): 'Dialogue follow-up to families displaced by the armed conflict in the strenghtening of support networks'

Psy. Soraya Ayouch (Centre Françoise Minkowska, Paris, France): ' '


13:30 Lunch and posters


15:00 SESSION 3 Psychological, psychosocial intervention and experiences

Juan Pimienta (Scotland Yard, London, UK): 'Hidden Away: Mental health illness'
Familles du Monde (Belgium): 'Migration mournings from the perspective of migrant women in mixt families and autochtonous women'
Albert Persaud (Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation International Foundation, CAREIF, UK)

Marie Fallon-Kund (Mental Health Europe, Belgium): 'Psychosocial support in the context of migration: a human rights-based approach'

Luigi Leonori (SMES-Europe, Italy)
Prof. Rita Berger (University of Barcelona, Spain)
Nayeli Devos Reyes (Familles du Monde, Belgium): 'Board game on Migration'

Karla Guajardo Rodríguez (Italy): ‘Adaptation experiences as an immigration decision on the Mexican community in Italy

Prof. Alexis Nuselovici (Professeur de littérature générale et comparée, Université d'Aix-Marseille, France): 'Fictional Identities'

Dr. Alberto Polito, Dr. Simonetta Bonadies (A tu per tu Association, Italy): 'Observation sheet for the prevention and monitoring of Unaccompanied and Separated Children (UASC) and young migrants’ vulnerabilities

Cédric Piechowski (Musée de la Céramique, Andenne, Belgium)
PhD José González (Service Diversity, Diest, Belgium): 'How municipalities can integrate migrants: the experience of Diest'
Dominiek Ballegeer (Bisdom of Brugge, Belgium)
Marta Guarch & Antonio L. Manzanero (Spain): 'Resilience and forced displacement. An experience from the Saharawi Refugee camp in Tindouf (Algeria)'

Carolina Zanolla, Hrar Mouna, Ortiz David (Spain): 'Migratory Griefs characteristics in migrants, displaced and refugees'


17:00 General debate
    Presentation of the second number of the Magazine 
               "International Journal of migration and Mental Health


18:00 Closing lecture

    Dr. Rachid Bennegadi (General Secretary of the World Association of Social Psychiatry, France)

18:30 Closing Ceremony

General Assembly Athena network
Organizing committee of the VIII International Congress New York 2019

At the same time, during the day, the youth will have a full day of activities linked to the Well-being in Migration, organised and led by young people trained by Familles du Monde, asbl.

Founded in 2006 in Mouscron (BE)

Founded in 2010 by J.Achotegui (Universidad de Barcelona), R.Bennegadi (Centre Minkowska) & X.Castañeda (University of Berkeley) as a global network to provide psychological & psychosocial support to immigrants living extreme situations.