VII International Congress on Migration & Mental Health

Brussels 2018


Saturday OCTOBER 20th 2018

Youth & family wellbeing matters in the context of migration

Familles du Monde a.s.b.l. & The Athena Network
with the support of the City of Brussels

have the pleasure to invite you to the

VII International Congress on Migration & Mental Health 

in Brussels

Saturday 20th October 2018 

In 2018, Familles du Monde proposes to address the theme 'Youth & Family's Wellbeing Matters in the Context of Migration & Mental Health' on top of the tradional Congress programme. To achieve this, we will have, this year, round tables dedicated to youth where we will address the same issues as in the Congress, but with activities adapted to youth.

Familles du Monde organises training sessions to prepare young people who want to participate in the Congress as well as seminaries for all persons interested in this Congress.

Friday 19th October 2018


Saturday 20th Ocotber 2018

8h30 - 18h30

July 31st

Until this date, you can send us your application with your abstract.

August 20th

Until this date, you can enroll to these training (

Oct 10th

Until this date, you can register.

Seminars & Conferences are mainly for NGO's, teachers, social workers, parents... people who are working in Belgium.

These seminars are to introduce the mournings in the migration & the Ulysses Syndrome.

Preparation training for youth who want to participate at the Congress. One training starts in Belgium in January, once a month but there will also be other trainings in other countries (Spain, UK, Ireland, France & Italy)

Founded in 2006 in Mouscron (BE)

Founded in 2010 by J.Achotegui (Universidad de Barcelona), R.Bennegadi (Centre Minkowska) & X.Castañeda (University of Berkeley) as a global network to provide psychological & psychosocial support to immigrants living extreme situations.